Partner/Sponsors - Thomas Bekker

Thomas Bekker collaborates with :

Cloud Base Productions

We are a close-knit team of extreme sports enthusiasts specializing in shooting aerial footage and documentary-style shorts. Twin brothers, Tim and Anthony Green, are award-winning filmmakers and paraglider pilots who have been flying since they were 16. Using ultra-lightweight tandem paramotors, we are equipped with a DJI Ronin gyro-stabilized gimbal and 4K cinema cameras. Our team has produced content for Canal +, Nat Geo TV, Epic TV, and others.

Aurora Photos

 For more than 20 years Aurora has been representing high quality photography. Founded in 1993 to distribute editorial stories for a handful of National Geographic photographers, overtime the business model shifted to stock photography. In 2004, Aurora made the decision to focus on commercial stock photography with model & property released outdoor adventure and lifestyle photography. Today, our core strengths remain the great quality of our photography, and our relationship with our fantastic contributors.

Pascal Tournaire

We work together on big projects and help as a camera operator


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